accountRedpill: System accountsJonas Smedegaard3 months
account-quotaRedpill: Handling disk quota [draft]Jonas Smedegaard5 years
account-secureRedpill: Handling secrets and maintaining trust [draft]Jonas Smedegaard21 months
account-shellRedpill: Overview of shell accounts [draft]Jonas Smedegaard8 months
account-shell-profileUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.Siri Reiter5 days
accountingRedpill: Keeping a ledger to track economic transactions [draft]3 months
call-videoRedpill: Handling videophone calls [draft]Jonas Smedegaard5 years
chatRedpill: Text-based chat [early draft]Jonas Smedegaard3 months
chat-irc-proxyRedpill: Proxying text-based chat with the IRC protocol [early draft]Siri Reiter3 months
chat-matrixRedpill: Text-based chat with the Matrix protocolJonas Smedegaard3 months
chat-meetingRedpill: Holding meetings via text-based chat [early draft]Jonas Smedegaard5 years
contactRedpill: Handling addressbooks [early draft]Jonas Smedegaard5 years
eventRedpill: Scheduling of calendar eventsJonas Smedegaard3 months
featuresRedpill: Documentation of system featuresJonas Smedegaard8 months
filesRedpill: Handling files [early draft]Jonas Smedegaard5 years
machine-laptopRedpill: Choosing and using a laptop [draft]Jonas Smedegaard4 years
mailRedpill: Mail handling [draft]Jonas Smedegaard3 months
mail-listRedpill: Handling mailinglists [early draft]Jonas Smedegaard3 years
mail-syncRedpill: Syncronize email [early draft]Jonas Smedegaard4 years
media-hostingRedpill: Hosting multimedia files [draft]Jonas Smedegaard4 years
media-masterRedpill: Handling digital media masters [draft]Jonas Smedegaard14 months
media-streamRedpill: Handling live multimedia streams [early draft]Jonas Smedegaard24 months
media-stream-captureRedpill: Capturing live multimedia streams [early draft]Jonas Smedegaard4 years
media-stream-hostingRedpill: Hosting live and pre-recorded multimedia streams [draft]Jonas Smedegaard11 months
media-stream-mixRedpill: Live-mixing multimedia streams [early draft]Jonas Smedegaard4 years
orgRedpill: System feature organisation9 days
packageRedpill: Handling system-wide Debian packages [draft]Jonas Smedegaard4 years
sourceRedpill: Handling digital source materialJonas Smedegaard3 months
support Ikiwiki project6 years
support/content Ikiwiki content4 years
support/underlay Ikiwiki underlay content6 years
systemRedpill: Base operating system featuresJonas Smedegaard8 months
system-desktopRedpill: Desktop system featuresJonas Smedegaard7 months
system-gatewayRedpill: Gateway system featuresJonas Smedegaard16 months
system-phoneRedpill: Phone system features [draft]Jonas Smedegaard17 months
vcsh/REDPILLUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.Jonas Smedegaard
website-ikiwikiRedpill: Creating and editing a website using ikiwiki [draft]Jonas Smedegaard4 years