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Updates to mount storage.
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@@ -46,15 +46,17 @@ Format selected device
luksformat -t ext4 PATH_TO_YOUR_DEVICE
-Locate the UUID of the formatted device
-(replacing PATH_TO_YOUR_DEVICE with your actual device path):
+Add info about the encrypted device to the file `etc/crypttab`:
+ echo "mysecrets UUID=$(lsblk --noheadings -o UUID PATH_TO_YOUR_DEVICE) none luks,noauto" >> /etc/crypttab
+Create mountpoint for the partition inside the encrypted device:
- lsblk --fs --nodeps PATH_TO_YOUR_DEVICE
+ mkdir /mnt/mysecrets
-Add/extend the file `etc/crypttab` with a line about the device
-(replacing YOUR_UUID with your actual UUID):
+Add info about the partition inside the encrypted device to the file `/etc/fstab`:
-> mysecrets UUID=YOUR_UUID none luks,noauto
+ echo "UUID=$(lsblk --noheadings -o UUID /dev/mapper/mysecrets) /mnt/mysecrets ext4 noauto" >> /etc/fstab
## Secrets