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* Addresshint: local part of email address, followed by @-sign, and optionally followed by mailgroup. Like these: jonas@ js@pool_of_maildomains
3. Send a cellphone text message to the new user with the following text and the password spit out from the command above:
- Here is your new password. It MUST be changed within 14 days - read http://wiki.homebase.dk/BrugerKonto and check your mail. The code is: <adgangskode>
+ Here is a temporary password for your account. You MUST change it within 14 days. More info at http://wiki.homebase.dk/BrugerKonto . Password: <password>
Or in danish:
- Her er din nye adgangskode. Den SKAL ændres inden 14 dage - læs websiden http://wiki.homebase.dk/BrugerKonto og check din mail. Koden er: <adgangskode>
+ Her er en midlertidig adgangskode til din konto. Du SKAL skifte den inden 14 dage. Mere info på http://wiki.homebase.dk/BrugerKonto . Koden er: <adgangskode>
4. Compose an email based on [[introemail]] skeleton:
* If an ouside working email address has been provided, then use that as recipient. Alternatively use the contact person of the new user (teacher, boss etc.) as recipient.
@@ -71,7 +71,13 @@ TODO: The above command should ideally never ever be invoked manyally, but autom
## Reset password
- (user=<username>; gpw && finger $user && passwd $user && chage -M30 -W14 $user)
+ 1. Reset the actual password using the following command:
+ (user=<username>; gpw 10 11 && finger $user && passwd $user && chage -M30 -W14 $user)
+ 2. Send a cellphone text message similar to the one for creating a new account.
+TODO: Write a script to do the above + inject a self-chosen password + warn before resetting + spit out sms
## Warn about password expiry