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Tighten adduser routine. Add smtp address update routines.
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### Create new account
- 1. Have the following information ready:
- * Full name
- * Cellphone number
- 2. Pick a username:
+ 1. Pick a username:
* Start with the initials of the user
* Include also second letter of either first name or surname
* If necessary, add third letter of first name or surname (or a trailing number)
* The result should be practical (short and related to the name of the user) but must not be a nickname or initals: A username is comparable to the shape of a key - the user may get confused in every day use if it looks like a toy or jewelery!
- 3. Create the account:
+ 2. Create the account:
localadduser <username> <fullname> <cellphone> [<otherphone>] <addresshint> [<addresshint>...]
* Full name: Full name (Capital and small letters allowed, as is space and special characters, but no comma!)
* Cellphone: Cellphone number including country code but without other spaces. Like this: +45 40843136
* Addresshint: local part of email address, followed by @-sign, and optionally followed by mailgroup. Like these: jonas@ js@pool_of_maildomains
- 4. Compose an email based on the (intro email)[[introemail]] skeleton:
+ 3. Compose an email based on [[introemail]] skeleton:
* If an ouside working email address has been provided, then use that as recipient. Alternatively use the contact person of the new user (teacher, boss etc.) as recipient.
* Add \<username>@homebase.dk as Cc:
* Add hostmaster@homebase.dk as Bcc:
* Add teknik@lists.homebase.dk as Reply-To:
- 5. Send a cellphone text message to the new user with the following text:
+ 4. Send a cellphone text message to the new user with the following text:
Here is your new password. It MUST be changed within 14 days - read http://wiki.homebase.dk/BrugerKonto and check your mail. The code is: <adgangskode>
Or in danish:
Her er din nye adgangskode. Den SKAL ændres inden 14 dage - læs websiden http://wiki.homebase.dk/BrugerKonto og check din mail. Koden er: <adgangskode>
-FIXME: Make this routine semi-automatic: choice of password and sending out sms should happen automatically.
+TODO: Make this routine semi-automatic: sending out sms should happen automatically.
### Attach groups to account
@@ -40,6 +37,22 @@ FIXME: Make this routine semi-automatic: choice of password and sending out sms
### Add/replace additional email addresses to account
+Use the following command to change hinting of an existing user account:
+ chfn <username>
+## Update email address info in smtp server
+ 1. Run this command:
+ localmaildomainprepare
+ 2. If satisfied with result, run this coomand:
+ localmaildomainupdate
+FIXME: localmaildomainupdate should email diff file to postmaster@homebase.dk
## Extend password lifespan