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Introduction to filesharing

Your account at [[!template id=realm]] provides access to file shares. Some personal shares and some shares common to the groups you are member of.

Access from Macintosh

  1. Change to the application "Finder" (switch to the desktop)
  2. Choose "Go" from the menu, and then "Connect to server..." at the bottom
  3. Type in the server address [[!template id=filehost]]
  4. Provide your username and password
  5. Choose the file shares to use

Access from Windows

  1. Download and install the application WinSCP
  2. Start the application "WinSCP"
  3. Type in the server address [[!template id=filehost]], and your username and password
  4. Work only in the supfolders containing normal documents!

/!\ Contact your technicians if you need access to shared documents from Windows, as it requires a few adjustments on the server.