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2021-09-20modernize sections on webmail and applicationJonas Smedegaard
2021-09-20add lead-in for USE, and elaborate on default versus optional extra addressesJonas Smedegaard
2021-09-20update URIs to external guidesJonas Smedegaard
2021-09-20stop mention TLS certificate problemsJonas Smedegaard
2021-09-20use inline defined hintsJonas Smedegaard
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2007-10-29Add and use mailhost and webmailurl templates throughout the site.Jonas Smedegaard
2007-10-29Slightly simplify wording regarding wizards skipping security.Jonas Smedegaard
2007-10-29Use realm template throughout the site.Jonas Smedegaard
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2007-10-24Lots of various improvements all over (from homebase.dk branch).Jonas Smedegaard
2007-10-24No page planned for pop3 or imap, so drop links to them.Jonas Smedegaard
2007-10-24Remove any mentions of homebase.dk (for real this time).Jonas Smedegaard
2007-10-23Generalize - avoid Homebase or other specific systems mentioned.Jonas Smedegaard
2006-09-01Massive rewrite allover...Jonas Smedegaard
2006-08-30Add new page brokenlinks.Jonas Smedegaard
2006-08-25Add haƦf-way translation of introemaildanish.mdwn.Jonas Smedegaard
2006-08-25Add new page with the xontent of email sent to new users.Jonas Smedegaard
2006-08-25Don't escape @ in email address.Jonas Smedegaard
2006-08-25Add new email intro page.Jonas Smedegaard
2006-08-25Rewrite as non-personal. Add usage links. Drop oddities.Jonas Smedegaard
2006-08-24Add new pages account/commands and mail.Jonas Smedegaard
2006-07-30Compacting an external link.Jonas Smedegaard
2006-07-30Markdown smiley fixup.Jonas Smedegaard
2006-07-30Markdown hyperlinks fixup.Jonas Smedegaard
2006-07-30Change hyperlinks and smileys to markdown syntax.Jonas Smedegaard
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2006-07-30Add copy of http://wiki.homebase.dk/ItMailSetup.Jonas Smedegaard