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Use transcoding script localvideowebencode.
-Simple use:
+Test if encoding work at all:
+ localvideowebencode --compression dirty --sample src/the-source.dv
+If image size is not too big, simply transcode with no options:
localvideowebencode src/the-source.dv
-Refined use:
+Smaller image size leads to faster download
+and less ressources needed to play.
+Best is to pick a size which is "modulus 16"
+(see localvideowebencode --help) for details),
+e,g vga or 480p:
+ localvideowebencode --size 480p src/the-source.dv
+Some sources use sub-optimal refresh rate
+(variable or very slow/fast).
+Especially too fast rate is best to reduce to 20 or 30.
+Here an example of setting both size and rate together:
+ localvideowebencode --profile 480p25 src/the-source.dv
+More complex example:
localvideowebencode --video talkinghead --profile 480p25 --audio speech src/the-source.dv