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Finish (and improve) git-annex commands, using v7 database.
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## Create
-To turn a folder into a git repository,
+To turn a folder into a git repository
+(see also alternative of (cloning)[#Clone] an existing project),
go into the folder,
and initialize its git and git-annex databases:
git init
- git annex init
+ git annex init --version=7
To use git-annex only for large files (git for smaller ones),
-add e.g. the following to .gitattributes
-(and (save)[#Save] that file):
+add e.g. the following to file `.gitattributes`:
+ * annex.largefiles=((largerthan=100kb)and(not(mimetype=text/*)))
+ *.svg annex.largefiles=nothing
- * annex.largefiles=(largerthan=100kb)
+Finally (save)[#Save] all content:
-(clone)[#Clone] an existing project.
+ git add -A
+ git commit -m "Initial commit"
## Status
@@ -83,10 +85,10 @@ in one go:
To collaborate on a shared git repository,
first create a local clone from the shared location,
-and then FIXME:
+and tell git-annex to use it:
git clone git://[[!template id=githost]]/example
- git annex FIXME
+ git annex init --version=7
Then from time to time syncronize: