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SETUP: document when install has succesfully completed; Add section Disk space
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@@ -163,6 +163,13 @@ Finalize setup of the core system:
sudo system-setup
+System is succesfully finalized when it ends with this message:
+> Box setup configured succesfully!
+Otherwise follow the instructions provided, if any,
+or {{contact_sysadmins}} if something seems off.
## Install desktop environment and helper tools
@@ -173,3 +180,40 @@ and tools for automated administration of system updates:
sudo box-add-gui
sudo box-add-mobile
sudo box-add-admin
+## Disk space
+A simple system allocates all disk space for direct use.
+A system setup to use logical volume management (LVM), however,
+has allocated only a smaller portion of disk space,
+reserving the rest for later allocation as needed.
+Initial disk space should be enough to extend with default gui addon.
+When you need more space then allocate it manually,
+either to "root" for system use or to "home" for personal data.
+Get an impression of how your disk is organized into partitions:
+ lsblk
+Show disk space available but unallocated by LVM:
+ sudo vgs
+Show disk space allocated to LVM:
+ sudo lvs
+Allocate (if you want and it is available) 1 GB extra space for system use:
+ sudo lvextend --size +1G --resizefs /dev/vg_sys/lv_root
+Allocate (if you want and it is available) 3 GB extra space for personal use:
+ sudo lvextend --size +3G --resizefs /dev/vg_sys/lv_home
+If you prefer a graphical tool,
+then you might appreciate (after adding a gui) adding the tool `gparted`:
+ sudo apt install gparted