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System development

Redpill systems are developed through multiple parallel efforts.

Production systems are configured by hand using Redpill conventions, on mostly conventional hardware devices.

Experimental systems are configured semi-automated using Boxer bootstrapping and Redpill conventions, on mostly OSHA-certified hardware devices.

Goal is to compose all Redpill systems purely with Boxer on purely OSHA-certified hardware.


The "box" project in the tinker team composes "profiles". Device-specific "core" profiles provided as readily usable images, with addon profiles embedded as system-expansion shell scripts.

Goal is for the "box" project to become obsolete, replaced by short sensible one-liner boxer commands.

Boxer data

Boxer classes and nodes are expressed as YAML data.

Tweaks should be pushed upstream into appropriate Debian packages e.g. using debconf.

Goal is to auto-resolve boxer data from apt where possible and obsolete all tweaks.

Boxer tool

Goal is to provide same configurability at runtime as debian-installer provides at install time, either executing boxer directly or using boxer-generated scripts, and offer dynamic runtime-resolved equivalent of metapackages.


System functionalities are grouped in sets of "features" targeting different real-world puposes.

Goal is for all functionalities to be sensibly covered by features and each feature contain a decent minimum documentation usable both standalone and coherently as a system documentation.