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@@ -17,78 +17,14 @@ None of them however fit our needs
* must support [article](https://indieweb.org/article) posts
* must support updating existing posts
+A [project] has therefore been initiated
+to develop a Micropub proxy service.
[Micropub services]: <https://indieweb.org/Micropub/Servers>
"Overview of Micropub server implementations"
-### Develop server from scratch
-We will create a proxy service from scratch,
-using [indieweb] and [git2].
-[indieweb]: <https://crates.io/crates/indieweb>
- "indieweb - rust crate implementing utilities for working with the IndieWeb"
-[git2]: <https://crates.io/crates/git2>
- "git2 - rust bindings to libgit2 for interoperating with git repositories"
-#### Minimal Viable Product
-* implement only MUSTs in [Microsub server spec]
-* cover Micropub post [entry] *article*
- (fail if POST contains any other data than that)
-* store received post as file
- (fail if already exists)
-* add created post file in git
- (fail if `git add ...` or `git commit ...` fails)
-[Microsub server spec]: <https://www.w3.org/TR/micropub/#publishing-clients-li-1=>
- "requirements for server implementations of Micropub"
-[entry]: <https://indieweb.org/Microsub-spec#entry>
- "definition of Microsub post entry types"
-#### addition: edit
-* cover Micropub scopes *read* and *update*
-* when requested to read dir, return list of existing files in git
-* when requested to read file, return content of file in git
-* when requested to update file, replace existing file in git
- (fail if unable to do that)
-### addition: parse data
-* convert POST content from html to CommonMark
-* convert GET content from CommonMark to html
-### addition: parse metadata
-* convert html with [microformats] to [CommonMark-RDF]
-* convert [CommonMark-RDF] to html with [microformats]
-[CommonMark-RDF]: <https://source.jones.dk/commonmark-rdf-spec/tree/README.md?h=master>
- "CommonMark-RDF - draft spec for CommonMark with semantic hints"
-[microformats]: <https://indieweb.org/microformats2>
- "microformats - Indieweb semantic markup"
-### addition: media reference
-* cover referencing existing media at a [Media Endpoint]
-[Media Endpoint]: <https://www.w3.org/TR/micropub/#media-endpoint>
- "Media Endpoint - images or videos potentially stored elsewhere"
-### addition: media upload
-* cover accepting upload of new media to local git using git-annex
- (fail if `git annex add ...` fails)
-* cover acting as Media Endpoint
+[project]: <https://salsa.debian.org/tinker-team/website-edit>
+ "website-edit - Micropub proxy service implemented in Rust"
## Micropub client
@@ -105,17 +41,8 @@ which is unlikely to ever be packaged in Debian.
[Indigenous]: <https://indigenous.marksuth.dev/>
"Indigenous - app to interact with Micropub and Microsub services"
-### Develop client from scratch
-Maybe create a desktop client from scratch,
-using [indieweb] and either [tauri] or [millennium].
-[indieweb]: <https://crates.io/crates/indieweb>
- "Rust crate implementing utilities for working with the IndieWeb"
+The server proxy [project] might be extended
+to also create a desktop client using [tauri].
[tauri]: <https://github.com/tauri-apps/tauri>
"tauri - rust framework to build light & secure cross-platform applications with a web-based UI"
-[millennium]: <https://github.com/pykeio/millennium>
- "millennium - rust framework to build light & secure cross-platform applications with a web-based UI"