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4. Send a cellphone text message to the new user with the following text:
Here is your new password. It MUST be changed within 14 days - read http://wiki.homebase.dk/BrugerKonto and check your mail. The code is: <adgangskode>
Or in danish:
Her er din nye adgangskode. Den SKAL ændres inden 14 dage - læs websiden http://wiki.homebase.dk/BrugerKonto og check din mail. Koden er: <adgangskode>
TODO: Make this routine semi-automatic: sending out sms should happen automatically.
@@ -74,7 +76,9 @@ TODO: The above command should ideally never ever be invoked manyally, but autom
2. Send a cellphone textmessage with the following content:
You must change your password - it soon expires! Read how and why at the web page http://wiki.kaospilot.no/BrugerKonto
Or in danish:
Du skal ændre din adgangskode - den udløber snart! Læs hvordan og hvorfor på websiden http://wiki.kaospilot.no/BrugerKonto
TODO: Rewrite as automated syslog-ng plugin or cron script passing the message to an sms gateway.