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SETUP: cover machine-targeted files; cover document formats; recommend to follow Diátaxis documentation system
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## Documents
A feature contains texts and scripts,
-each targeting one of 3 audiences:
+each targeting one of 4 audiences:
1. Decision makers
+ General README text: file `README.md`
@@ -17,16 +17,47 @@ each targeting one of 3 audiences:
+ Bootstrapping text: file `SETUP.md`
+ Maintenance text: file `ADMIN.md`
+ Administration scripts
+ 4. Machines
+ + Project metadata: file `doap.ttl`
+ + Bootstrapping script: file `Makefile`
+ + Site variables: file `site.conf`
+ + Build variables (generated): file `built.conf`
+ + Install variables (generated): file `installed.conf`
+General README text is mandatory.
+All other parts are optional.
-General README text is mandatory,
-and must follow the [standard-readme][] specification.
+Generated files should not be tracked with git
+(instead created and cleaned with `make` as needed).
-All other parts are optional.
+### Document formats
+Files with extension `.md` are in [CommonMark] format.
+README must follow the [standard-readme] specification,
+and other CommonMark files should take inspiration from it as well.
+Files with extension `.conf` are basic settings files
+containing only variable settings and comments
+in POSIX `sh` syntax.
+[CommonMark]: <https://spec.commonmark.org/>
+ "specification for the Markdown lightweight markup language"
[standard-readme]: <https://github.com/RichardLitt/standard-readme/blob/master/spec.md>
"specification for how a standard README should look"
+### Writing style
+CommonMark files should use [Diátaxis documentation system],
+i.e. each file should aim at serving only one purpose -
+either `tutorial`, `howto guide`, `reference`, or `background`.
+[Diátaxis documentation system]: <https://diataxis.fr/>
+ "systematic framework for technical documentation authoring"
## Maturity
A feature may start as a personal draft,