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2022-06-14implement format inkscapeHEADmasterJonas Smedegaard
2022-06-14use full name for subfeatures, needed for upcoming format inkscapeJonas Smedegaard
2022-06-14tidy use of given/when, and silence warningsJonas Smedegaard
2022-06-12implement option formatJonas Smedegaard
2022-06-12update copyright coverageJonas Smedegaard
2022-06-12log graph renderingJonas Smedegaard
2021-11-30fix use feature features as root nodeJonas Smedegaard
2021-11-30draw as directed graphJonas Smedegaard
2021-11-30include maturity in log messages about skipped featureJonas Smedegaard
2021-11-30feature-check: fix actually skip unacceptable features (not only log intended...Jonas Smedegaard
2021-11-28add script feature-checkJonas Smedegaard
2021-11-28TODO: mention Conventional Commits and Keep a Changelog specsJonas Smedegaard
2021-11-28SETUP: cover machine-targeted files; cover document formats; recommend to fol...Jonas Smedegaard
2021-11-28fix typoJonas Smedegaard
2021-11-28tighten intro to talk about a single feature (bundling is covered in the feat...Jonas Smedegaard
2019-11-03Merge branch 'master' of xayide.jones.dk:/srv/git/source.couchdesign.dk/orgSiri Reiter
2019-06-06Remove a surplus comma and a letter.Siri Reiter
2019-06-06Edit: Remove doublet word.Siri Reiter
2019-06-02Fix strip duplicate word "users".Jonas Smedegaard
2018-12-02Fix re-add SPDX identifier as required by standard-readme specification.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-12-02Normalize and expand copyright and licensing.Jonas Smedegaard
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2018-12-01Fix Capitalization. Thanks to Siri Reiter. Add TODO note on weak example. Exp...Jonas Smedegaard
2018-11-29Short headers.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-11-29Avoid paranthesis.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-11-29Fix reference definition of ATX headings link,Jonas Smedegaard
2018-11-29Document text writing style. Update TODOs.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-11-29Update TODO.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-11-29Major rewrite.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-11-25Create project todo list.Siri Reiter
2016-11-20List of documentation content files.Siri Reiter
2016-08-08Init readme.Siri Reiter